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Begin with I.T.  
Tutor: Wendy Mcloughlin


These courses are perfect for you if you have little or no experience in using computers. You will learn how to use the keyboard, mouse and basic I.C.T. functions such as typing, printing, saving, using email, helping you set up your own email address and using the internet.

In addition to the skills mentioned above you will learn more about formatting text, inserting images, file management using the available programmes that are on your computer and more so that you become confident with todays technology.

All the courses are aimed at complete beginners, so you don't need any experience to get started, just an interest. Simply select a computer course that interests you, contact me, and away you go!

By joining a course you will have the opportunity to meet other people who have similar interests as yourself, and my goal is for you to gain confidence and knowledge with the use of todays technology and ultimately gain qualification via Swansea University - a great start also for those who want qualifications to get back in to work.

Most of the courses are taught within the community of Carmarthenshire.

For more information please refer to Available Courses or
D.A.C.E. for all courses available in your local area